COB 202





COB 202

Reference number:


Econo Air

Pablo Jimenez

Customer Service Director

4915 East Hunter Avenue

Anaheim, CA

Dear Sir,

Re: Response to complaint

This regards the complaint you brought forward concerning your furnace, which our company installed. You might have been concerned about the delayed response from our team. First accept my apologies, on behalf of the company, for causing you discomfort, and for the problems you experienced from our products. Your complaint caused us concern, but we are grateful that you felt free enough to express your problems to us. It is my sincere wish that we shall restore the services soon. Although we try to provide the best services and products to our customers, we acknowledge that mistakes sometimes happen without our knowledge.

The aim of writing is to explain why we delayed in sending a team to check your furnace. We are currently experiencing a shortage of technical staff, and this has caused us some problems. We opened a new branch within the city, and this compelled us to send some of our staff there. This limits the number of technical staff available. It is the reason why we did not send a team out immediately you notified us of the problem. As a company, we pride ourselves in providing the best services and products to our customers. We are only able to do this by hiring the most qualified staff in the region. This process can sometimes be time consuming because we do not just want to hire anybody to fill the vacant position. We were able to find the right workers, and we have added the number of technical staff, to ensure that we deal with the current shortage. We shall send a team to your house in a week’s time, using the address you left us.

Sorry for all the inconveniences we caused you. I hope that the problem will soon be rectified. If, by any chance, you do not receive any communication from us within a week’s time, feel free to contact us immediately, and we will be able to help you. We thank you for the support you have shown our company, by purchasing our products, and we hope that you shall continue doing business with us. Your support means everything to us, for we would not be able to continue business operations without our customers. Thank you.


Pablo Jimenez