Computerize Accounting System

Point Sales Management System System Analysis and Design Report March, 2013


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  • * Background of the organization
  • * Information systems in the organization
  • * The selected project
  • * stating the reason for your selection
  • * The methodology

Chapter One Introduction

“Gaza Mall” one of the best shops in Gaza Strip, it consists of two floors, located in the Center of Gaza City, the Mall contains many kinds of sales, from “Gaza Mall” you can buy clothes, food, accessories, electronics etc.

The Information system used in “Gaza Mall” is Manual Information system by using Papers and Pens, Manual Information system is good but has many disadvantages. The objective of our project is to change the Information System in “Gaza Mall” from Manually to Computerized Information system, the Computerized Information system will be a solution to solve a lot of problems of the present Information system, problems such: the Manual Information system might slow down the work process, sometimes we get mistakes from manual calculations, difficulty in calculating bills etc.

The reason for select this project is Frequent complaints from customers about multiple and repeated mistakes and after study shows that the main and most important reason for these errors is the manual system used in this organization In order to avoid these errors we decided to start working on this project, which the main objective already been mentioned before “changing the Information System from Manually to Computerized Information system”. The Methodology that well be used in this project is “Waterfall” methodology.

The reason for choosing this methodology because it has many advantages like:

  • * Simple and easy to understand and use.
  • * Easy to manage due to the rigidity of the model – each phase has specific deliverables and a review process.
  • * Phases are processed and completed one at a time.
  • * Works well for smaller projects where requirements are very well understood.

Chapter Two Project Baseline plan

1. 0 Overview

2. 1 This plan document is to develop “Computerized Information system” to let the employees to enter the calculating bills in best way. The system provides “Gaza Mall” fast work process and save calculating bills, the system will be developed by team consists of two students taking system analysis and design course in spring 2013. The project will start in March 2013 and will end in May 2013. The potential problems related with the current existing system will be totally solved by this new system.

2. 2 This plan document is considered as base guideline for the subsequent phases of the system development which include: requirements, determination, design, implantation and installation.

3. 0 System Description

3. 3 [main functionality]

3. 4 Alternatives of developing this system include: Online registration system Purchasing package Develop for scratch

3. 0 Feasibility Assessment

4. 5 Economic Analysis

To establish this system, we need to a number of basic requirements for the system works properly, including computers and other multiple devices as well as the need to create a database and system to handle, so we need to budget estimated at $ 5,000.

4.6 Technical Analysis

In this issue, we need to discuss technical matters, including the specification of the equipment required, as well as specifications staff who will use those devices as well as the dangers technical facing the system, such as malfunctions that may occur to the system or the hardware or the database and methods address this failure and also must not forget that the way the system worksof important technical things to prevent errors.

4. 7 Operational Analysis

There are several things to talk about in this area, including against the system of workloads and we’ll prepare a plan for the project include workflow optimally at all times of the project as well as the application carefully to stay away from mistakes and processing plan to confront any unexpected errors, on the other hand, the plan must be prepared to seize opportunities that may occur during work For example, a reduction in the price of devices which required to the project.

4. 8 Legal and Contractual Analysis In this issue , we must

4. 9 Political Analysis

4. 10 Schedules, Timeline, and Resource Analysis

4. 11 Management Issues

5. 11 Team organization the Team consists of three member who are:

1. abdelkarem alashqar: project leader

2. Hareth Shehada: analyst and designer

3. Jamil Al-Ashi : analyst and designer

5. 12 Communication plan

* Traditional meeting inside the university halls “ two times every weak Sunday and Tuesday. Conversation via Skype At any convenient time.

5. 13 Project Standards and Procedures * The project will make the selling process easier and faster by the “Computerized Information system” so that will make the customers satisfied. * The new system will facilitate the process of auditing and billing. * In the new system all accounts will be in a safe place and available to revision and amendment at any time.

5. 14 Other Project-Specific Topics * Difficulty absorbing the new system by employees.