Zara Project

Product classification of Zara • Most clothing are classified as an “durable good” as they are used up slowly, • Clothing doesn’t need to be disposed of after being worn once, but rather could be cleaned and reword until a tear within the seams or a stain kills it, or ultimately it goes out of style [pic] Product Lifecycle Due to the clothing industry is mainly backed behind by what is “cool” or “hip” to date, clothing often needs to refresh its look in order to attract customers to purchase the product • Many clothing brands including Zara would refresh its new look to attract customers by refreshing its line of clothing such as push out new garments that have a certain style that was popular at the time and this process of refreshing a line of clothing is never stopping Branding • Zara uses an “one brand name everywhere” concept • No matter within which country it possess the name in Zara • The brand “Zara” is recognized in over 1700 stores in 89 countries

Packaging • Within most clothing store like Zara, packaging is basically non-existent • The lack of packaging is due to the company wanting the customers to be able to feel the material used for the product and able to try it on • If both the material and style is favourable to the customer, there is a higher chance of a transaction being made http://marketingmixx. com/marketing-plan-2/200-marketing-plan-of-zara. html http://www. slideshare. net/gunbal/zara-7936993 http://www. forbes. com/sites/lydiadishman/2012/03/23/the-strategic-retail-genius-behind-zara/ http://blogs. ubc. ca/conradchan/2011/09/16/zaras-marketing-strategy/